April 2019: Chris McCarthy, PAAM.

As America’s oldest active artists’ colony, art runs deep in Provincetown’s past, present and future. We are delighted to welcome this week Chris McCarthy, CEO of the legendary PAAM (Provincetown Art Association and Museum), Cape Cod’s most widely-attended art museum, which has been celebrating Ptown’s status as a global center of the arts for over 100 years….

Photo: Katie Ambrose

Photo: Katie Ambrose

Three words to describe the first time you came to P’town:  Magical, mesmerizing, inspirational.

What's your current state of mind? Not quite ready for summer!

Most excited about for the 2019 season? Seeing friends, going over sand and another spectacular line up at PAAM.

Your biggest P'town extravagance? Buying art.

Your perfect P’town day? The off season: Clamming, walking the dog and dinner with good friends.

This summer don’t miss….. Jess T. Dugan and her exhibition of photographs representing transgender adults “To survive on this shore”. Opening at PAAM on the 17th May 2019.

Your perfect summer drink? Got to be a nice crisp chilled Rose….

Your P’town secret…? If I tell you it won’t be a secret anymore…! I

Any shameless plug? Excited for PAAM and Perry’s to be collaborating (more information to follow folks…!)

For more information on PAAM and their work:

Website: https://www.paam.org

Tel: +1 508 487 1750

Email: info@paam.org

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